The Known World


These plains are home to the multitude of Centaur clans and tribes.

Ironhoof Encampment

Old Hills

The winter home of the Ironhoof Clan. It is well stocked with a steady supply of food and water that will last all winter. The Old Hills are also protected from most of the harshness of the winter climate. It is fiercely defended by the Ironhoofs year round from interlopers.

Three Corners

A trading post for beings of all races to meet and exchange goods.

The Wastelands

A barren wasteland with little vegetation or signs of life.

Harpy Territory

A large, dark forest where the Harpy people dwell.

The Brushlands

The Savannah

A large savannah that is home to the Kobolds, the vices (hyenas), and other small creatures. The kobolds are a transient race, so their camp is easy to move, consisting of mostly tents.

Harpy city of Aviarus

A large, mighty city of harpies. Consisting of mostly tall, tree-like buildings with the residences at the top for easy access to fliers. the citizens are mostly nocturnal, so the streets are lit with softly glowing bulbs filled with large fireflies at night.

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