The harpies are a race of avian bipeds. They come in all shapes and sizes. The most common type of harpy that our heroes have seen are owls, but other more exotic looking harpies include parrots, emus, and ostriches.

Harpies are known to live in the Harpy Territory up north, and the city of Aviarus to the south.

Harpy Territory

Thought to be where the ‘Sons of the Talon,’ a rebel Harpy group, relocated to.

City of Aviarus

The social structure is very rigid in Aviarus. Those of different social classes wear pins to denote which class they belong to. Gold and silver pins are the highest classes. Bronze pins are for the middle class. Tin pins are used by the lower class, and those without pins are social outcasts. Pins can also be used to denote the level of career or if a harpy is a civic official. A harpy is able to rise their status in society by acheiving one of these higher jobs.

Known Harpies: Echo, Rox, Coeus, Leto, Skilt

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