Leader of the Ironhoof Clan and Cedwyn's adoptive father


Valla Ironhoof

“Everything I do is for the good of my people.”

Age Unknown

Rank Clan Leader

Class Unknown

Description An older centaur. His face is severely weathered and unique amongst his kin in that he is clean-shaven. In addition to lacking facial hair, he has no eyebrows and is bald. His skin is grayish and lacking in pigment, which makes natural the transition from his humanoid body to equine.

His equine body is a silvery grulla with black points and dorsal stripe. His tail is long and unbraided. He wears hide armor and matching hide barding. A heavy iron horseshoe pendant adorns the peytral. Like all members of the clan, he is shod with Ironhoof shoes.


First met in Episode 1. One of the two leaders of Clan Ironhoof. Adoptive father to Cedwyn.


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