A gruff old warrior who accompanied the PCs for a time.


Canance Ironhoof

“I believe that all centaurs were created equal.”

Age Unknown

Rank Warrior

Class Unknown

Description An older centaur. He has a craggy face with a well-maintained red beard with three beaded braids in it. His eyes are cornflower blue and he has a huge scar on his jaw. His red hair is french-braided back. His skin is pinkish and freckled.

His equine body is a chestnut Clydesdale with white points and feathering. His tail is bobbed short (but not docked). He wears brown leather armor and matching leather barding. Like all members of the clan, he is shod with Ironhoof shoes.


His prized possession is a ‘water-centaur’ skeleton he found.


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